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Registration in all jurisdictions

The following types of company registration options are available in the Emirates:

  • Limited Liability Company – It is possible to get a license for work at the local market
  • Free Zone Company – An option for companies that expect to register in FEZ (free economic zone).
  • International Business Company (Offshore Companies) – All you need to do business outside the UAE.

One of these option must be chosen for any type of business in a way to suit the personal set of working tasks. Another one important point is to find the type that is the most cost-effective (taxes, customs duties etc.)

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Private or corporate bank account

UAE banks such as Emirates NBD (ENBD), Mashreq Bank, Noor Bank, as well as foreign banks with representative offices in the country, such as Standard Chartered, have significant advantages in comparison with the overwhelming majority of international banks operating outside the country.

Dubai offers all types of banking services, providing a clear and well-established procedure for opening bank accounts, as well as a perfect regulatory framework. We present all the facts you need to know about banks in the UAE and the differences between them in this comprehensive review.

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Cheaper than a staff member

The cost of full support of your business is 2-3 times cheaper than the salary of a full-time employee. The quality of services is much better, because two employees (an accountant and a lawyer) can never replace a team of experienced specialists.

You will be able to assign to our specialists all the complex and labor-intensive tasks that are related to the maintenance of the company’s activities in the UAE. So you will have the opportunity to focus on business development.

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Getting a residence permit by the opening of the company

You need to obtain a resident visa (residence permit) to open a business or to live in the UAE. This can be done relatively easily and quickly if you use a competent approach.

Unlike a tourist visa, a resident visa in the Emirates provides you the right of permanent residence in the UAE for 3 years. Then you can extend it for an unlimited number of times. In addition, it provides an opportunity to open a visa for family members: a husband, a wife, as well as children who have not reached the age of majority.

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Citizenship and residence permits of EU countries

We will select an individual solution for your family based on your goals and objectives. You will live without borders and feel completely free by obtaining the citizenship or residence permit of one of the countries we offer.

We’ll help to select real estate, language courses, schools and kindergartens for your children, and also interesting objects for investment. Our help also includes registering bank accounts. We will take care that the move would be a pleasure for you.

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Answers to popular questions

What legal forms of companies are exist in the UAE?
Companies can be divided into 3 groups, depending on the place of registration:
• The territory of one of the emirates
• UAE Free Economic Zone
• Offshore zone

Each group has its own specificity of company’s registration and operation.

Company registration in the UAE
Suitable for a businesses focused on work with retail customers: trade, restaurant business, and other different services. You can obtain licenses for such activities in almost all free economic zones, but the activity of the company will be limited to the territory of the FEZ. That means you will not be able to work outside the zone. There are also a number of business fields that can be licensed only in the UAE:

• Real estate agencies
• Public transport companies
• Banking
• Travel agencies etc

An important thing is to involve a local citizen in the company's activities (in one form or another). This is a mandatory requirement. If you need more information about the company registration details, you can find it in a special section of the site.

Company Registration in the UAE Free Economic Zone
Suitable for businesses that have no plans to provide services in the country independently. Free economic zones and other countries are available for doing business. It is possible by using local agent companies on the territory of the Emirates. The undoubted advantage of this form of company registration is the opportunity to get 100% ownership by a foreign citizen. Licensing, obtaining visas and other official procedures is relatively easier than in the UAE, but much more expensive.

Offshore registration in the UAE
Suitable for businesses that don’t plan to work in the United Arab Emirates in any form. There are lot of opportunities of using offshore companies. For example, it can be founders of other companies in the UAE, that is useful action to hide the real beneficiaries of the company. Also, offshore companies can buy real estate in the country and open accounts in local banks.

What are the most demanded free economic zones of the UAE?
The largest number of free economic zones is in Dubai (more than 20). The most popular of them are:

• Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ);
• Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ);
• Dubai Internet City (DIC);
• Dubai Media City (DMC);
• Dubai Health Care City (DHCC);
• Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC);
• Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC);
• Dubai Knowledge Village;
• Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA).

Abu Dhabi is growing rapidly and plans to create several free economic zones at once. At the moment, the most popular one here is Twofour54 free economic zone.
There are some FEZs in other emirates:

• Sharjah - Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone), Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ);
• Ras Al Khaimah - Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAKFTZ), Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA);
• Fujairah - Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ), Fujairah Creative City;
• Ajman - Ajman Free Zone (AFZ);
• Umm Al Quwain - Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ).

What documents are required to open a company?
An individual who must become a shareholder of a company must be an adult and have a passport of a country, which is not under international sanctions. In addition, a person should not have negative reviews in various compliance systems. You must provide a bank recommendation, as well as proven information of your previous working experience. Directors of onshore companies also need a diploma of higher education. It is not necessary for offshore companies.
Practical examples of the offshore company use in Dubai
One of the most popular solutions for various international companies is to use the offshore company of the United Arab Emirates. This tax-free IBC company plus a bank account in the UAE copes with such a requirement.

Getting an effective solution for entering international markets. Some countries may have certain restrictions for international business, so registering an offshore UAE company provides great cost-effective access to global markets.

Access to international financial markets. Company can open its accounts in the United Arab Emirates and globally for further efficient managing of its funds.

Storage the private funds and investments. Legal entity of this kind is an excellent tool of protecting various assets, such as money in accounts, stocks, property, etc.

Corporate shareholder. Whenever you need to establish a legal entity, an offshore company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is indicated as a shareholder for other companies in the UAE and abroad instead of your name.

Resolving the issue of confidentiality. When an additional level of protection and confidentiality is required an offshore IBC in the UAE is the solution, and its price is better than any choice on trusts.

Retention of various intellectual property rights. When there is a goal to register certain rights, a legal entity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the best because it is inexpensive, and you can register and manage it quickly and easily.
Other purposes. If you have other goals, and you don’t know how to achieve them with an offshore company in the UAE, you need to send us request. We will provide you with all the necessary information.

How to get a residence permit in the UAE?
There are several ways to obtain a resident visa (residence permit) in the UAE.

1. Buy a property
By purchasing residential property worth from 1 million dirham in Dubai or another Emirate, you get a residence permit in the UAE. The term of the residence visa in this case is 2 years.

2. Sign an employment contract
If you are planning to find an official job in Dubai or another Emirate, you will need a work visa. The employer prepares it yourself. On average, the process lasts 2-3 weeks.

3. Open your own company in the Emirates
This is the most convenient and profitable way to obtain a business visa in the UAE for most people. Its preparation takes only a few weeks and it is quite inexpensive. Moreover, it is not necessary for the company to conduct real activities. It’s a purely formal thing.

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